Hi, my name is Romolo Buondestino.
I'm a Lead Front-end Developer and User Interface Designer living in Rome, Italy.

About me


I’m a Lead Front-end Developer and User Interface Designer working at - Triboo Media S.p.a in Rome, Italy.

I have been designing websites and mobile apps for over a decade. To supplement my self-taught design and coding skills, I received a formal education from Quasar, Design University of Rome and from Evanto expert courses.

I'm specialized in creating trend designs, responsive layouts, including mobile-first and SEO oriented markup. My favorites dialects are HTML5 and CSS3, and tools that I use are CSS preprocessors which include, SASS, Less and Stylus; templaters like Jade or Mustache, task runner like Grunt and the indispensable Photoshop and jQuery.

I love to keep myself constantly updated and experiment new technologies, with Google as my guru and Sublime Text as my pen!

Anyhow I try to let the quality of the work speak of who I am rather than attempting describe myself.

Beyond design I love traveling, music and motorcycles.

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My Portfolio 2014




massimiliano valente

Massimiliano Valente

Founder & CEO at Gruppo HTML

"Romolo is very knowlegeable in all aspects of Front-end Development and User Interface Design. He's got a very strong vision about Web Design and his skills are stimulating for the whole team."

paolo taormina

Paolo Taormina

Project Manager at

"The first time I spoke with Romolo I quickly realized that he was a talented designer and developer, but also had a deep understanding of audience and client needs. His work is always beautiful, on branding and on strategy."

federica white

Federica White

Junior Front-end Developer at

"He's a brilliant coworker and supervisor from human and collaborative point of view. His web developer knowledge are flawless and get the right support to every plan that evolved with success and innovative goal. I hope to grow beside his professional ability for a long time. Trust him!"

emiliano sammassimo

Emiliano Sammassimo

SEO Specialist at

"Romolo has a strongly knowledge in CSS3, HTML5 and Responsive Web Design. He works with passion and he's a very professional and talented designer"

manuel coppola

Manuel Coppola

Team Leader at

"Front-end Developer of truly high standard that combines great technical skills with an outstanding speed of execution. Always up to date with new trends; a valid and reliable collaborator."

andrea marzilli

Andrea Marzilli

Editor-in-Chief at

"Romolo is an accurate professional, bordering on perfectionism. Among his great qualities there are a lively curiosity that drives him to stay up to date and the ability to share know-how, so it is very pleasant to talk and work together."

damiano barbati

Damiano Barbati

Senior Web Developer consultant

"Nobody else I've worked with ever compared to Romolo's works. Tireless, perfectionist and open minded: definitely the best startup mate I've ever had. Great!"

antonio romano

Antonio Romano

Senior Web Developer consultant

"Deep knowledge of CSS3 and HTML5, few people know how push them to the limit. Very professional, great passion for his job and most importantly a good guy."

luca marchei

Luca Marchei

SEO Specialist at

"It's a pleasure work with Romolo for a year now. The precision, imagination and the speed with which he apply styles to a web portal, both for desktop and mobile versions, is impressive. I have never seen such quality in any other designer I've worked with. And I must say that a designer who buys an harley davidson 883 can only have so much flair."

marco crea

Marco Crea

Founder & CEO at Gruppo Informatica

"We have been working for many years with Romolo. He's very professional, great creative mind, really expert in his area of practice and enjoyable to work with. We have no hesitation in recommending his work as a ui/ux designer and developer."

emanuele gennuso

Emanuele Gennuso

Senior Web Developer at

"I got to work with Romolo on both desktop and mobile applications. Romolo is a smart guy, very well prepared and always attentive to the result. His knowledge is constantly enriched by a continuous update on web trends and new technologies which makes its products always in step with the times."

Interviews & articles

December 2014 - CSS Preprocessors, Expert roundup by Bauke Roesink - Read it

November 2013 - Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Interview with Romolo Buondestino by + Microsoft - Read it

Loves & Passions

massimiliano valente


Da girl

"I met Cristina in 2010 and it was love at first sight. She is my best friend, my lover, my counselor and hopefully one day my wife."

massimiliano valente


Da pug

"Ioria is my pug. He's the most lively and sweet pug I've ever seen. He loves anything that is edible and sleep under my chair when I'm working."

massimiliano valente

Gourmet & wine

Da food

"Passion for gourmet cuisine and fine wine exploded three years ago after tasting some dishes of the great chef Cristina Bowerman."

massimiliano valente

HD 883 Iron

Da bike

"Turn on for the first time a Harley Davidson is always a unique emotion. After driving it you will never go back. You, the road and your iron. Awesome!"

"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." — Oprah Winfrey

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